Read what helpucover customers say

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Read what helpucover customers say

helpucover provides a variety of protection products that fill the gaps other insurance leaves behind. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us:

John Gray from Scotland was grateful that he read about GAP Insurance in a car magazine. He was also made aware of the serious shortfall that people face if something happens to their car as his friend had an accident and his car was written off. To his friend's dismay, the shortfall he faced from the insurance payout and the finance he owed was £3k. Not a sum to be sneezed at.

John decide to take out his own GAP insurance with and was glad he did. When John also faced the shock of having his car written off he said "all it took was one phone call to" and his claim was settled within three weeks. This meant he could replace his written off car without being out of pocket.

John says "Foresight is great but my GAP insurance was better, I recommend"

John Gray Scotland
January 2011 

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