Mazda keep it simply frugal for future SKYACTIV eco-models

Mazda to stick to one brand

Saturday, 5 November 2011 1:18 PM

Mazda Takeri

The Mazda Takeri concept cars sets out the firm's future eco-plans. And hopefully reveals some future Mazda styling cues, too

Phil Waring, Mazda’s chief operating officer, has announced that Mazda will not make SKYACTIV a sub-brand for its green models. Citing Volkswagen’s BlueMotion and Ford’s ECOnetic as examples, he says it is confusing for customers.

Waring says that what BMW has done with Efficient Dynamics and what Mazda will do with SKYACTIV “seems a more logical way to go."

Mazda is also too small a brand to have a low-CO2 sub-brand and having such cars alongside supposedly “non-eco” cars would only add to customer confusion – and besides, Waring says that by 2015, every new model Mazda should be equipped with SKYACTIV technology to ensure emissions are down and fuel economy is thrifty. The plan is for a whole new generation of Mazdas with no carry over parts from previous vehicles.

Mazda’s next models to launch with SKYACTIV efficiencies will be the new CX-5 and Mazda6, the inspirational result of the sculpted Takeri concept car that will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this month.

By Georgia Lewis

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