Jazzy new, 186bhp Hyundai Veloster Turbo for Europe market. Mmmm!

Hyundai shows new Veloster Turbo for Europe market

Sunday, 4 March 2012 12:05 PM

Hyundai Veloster Turbo

The new Hyundai Veloster Turbo gets 186bhp of turbo power. Bring it on!

Hyundai are to reveal a new turbocharged version of the 1+2 door Veloster sports coupe at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, on Tuesday. This excellent news emanates from the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Russelsheim, Germany, where boffins have boosted power output and increased low-end torque, which is apparently the way they say us Europeans like it. They could indeed be right.

The Veloster Turbo is the first Hyundai to feature the company’s 1.6-litre GDI engine with high-compression internal modifications and a twin-scroll turbocharger. In European specification, this new T-GDI unit is said to generate over 180bhp and 270Nm of torque, compared to the naturally aspirated Veloster that pushes 140bhp and 167Nm from its 1600cc engine. However, the Turbo’s power output is currently set as an estimate. Let’s hope it doesn’t drop.

Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, said: "UK drivers tend to prefer more torque from a lower engine speed, so our European engineers have specified a set-up that still provides a substantial increase in power – up from 140bhp to 186bhp – while also delivering the desired low-end torque."

The new Turbo may get more go-go, but Hyundai have also kept an eye on fuel efficiency with the new turbocharged Veloster getting an intercooler for cooler charge intake air, direct fuel injection and variable valve timing. And that’s all good, but what we really want to know is that new Turbo should hit 60mph in around 8.4secs, which is pretty decent, especially when compared to the standard car’s 9.7secs. Exact CO2 emissions and fuel economy figures will be announced nearer to the UK launch.

Further fun is added to the Veloster in the shape of sharper steering from a quicker-ratio steering rack and retuned front and rear suspension set-ups, while sport-tuned engine intake and exhaust notes are there to remind Turbo drivers to put their foot down and work the specially-developed 6-speed manual gearbox.

Styling-wise, and as we can see from this pic, the new Veloster Turbo gets some jazzy exterior styling to suit the upped power. There are Turbo-only front and rear bumpers, a new rear spoiler and front grille, new 18-inch alloy wheels with chrome inserts, projection headlights with unique LED headlight accents, and unique LED taillights.

Pricing for the UK will be announced nearer the launch, but let’s hope it’s quick, fun to drive and reasonably priced. If that’s the case, Hyundai could have a bit of a winner on their hands. 


By Daniel Anslow

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