Inside the BMW X1 Diesel Estate for business use

Inside the BMW X1 Diesel Estate for business use

Thursday, 26 September 2013 9:58 AM

Inside the BMW X1 Diesel Estate for business use

Inside the BMW X1 Diesel Estate for business use

BMW is the hallmark of quality in the business car world, but what makes the X1 Diesel model perfectly suited as a company car?

Before arranging your BMW contract hire and leasing, take a look inside the X1 and see what makes it a favourite among fleet managers.


Economy will be one of the biggest considerations when arranging fleet cars for your business, and the BMW X1 Diesel Estate will not let you down here. What Car? states that the running costs for the Crossover sDrive 20d SE 5dr include mpg around town of 54.3, out of town 68.9 and an overall average of 62.8.

When it comes to company car tax, the percentage charge is 18, with tax payable at 20 per cent of £950, and 40 per cent of £1,901.


What Car? praises the X1 for its cornering and composed handling, while under the hood the car runs very quietly, giving you the perfect business environment. The sDrive 20d is capable of travelling from 0-60mph in just 8.3 seconds, while it has a maximum speed of 127mph.

With a tank range of 842 miles, motorists should be able to enjoy long periods on the road without having to stop for fuel very often.


When it comes to equipment inside and outside the cabin, BMW rarely lets anyone down. Standard items include the likes of electric and heated mirrors, electric windows in the front and the back, climate control and power steering. Power and heated seats can be added on separately to improve the comfort of your ride.

CD, MP3/iPod connection comes as standard and a multi-CD system will set buyers back around £300. Bluetooth will ensure that you can carry out hands-free phone calls, but a satnav system will require an extra investment of over £1,000.
Most of the X1's in-car functions are controlled through the intuitive iDrive system, which makes choosing the next song or accepting a Bluetooth call as simple as you like.


The safety equipment fitted to the X1 makes it one of the most protected vehicles on the road today. Side, passenger and driver airbags are all included, along with a three-point centre belt, ABS, Isofix, traction control, rear parking sensor and electronic stability programme.

In its 2012 test with Euro NCAP, the BMW X1 was given five stars and received an 87 per cent rating for its adult occupant safety. The figure for children was just one per cent less, with safety assist scored at 71 per cent.

Space and practicality

The X1 is also a very versatile vehicle and is excellent for those who need to transport goods with them – or turn it into a car for the sporty and active types on a weekend. Headroom is generous and legroom is above average. Users might benefit from a nicely-shaped boot and the folding rear seats which can be retracted into a near-flat position.