How about 230bhp from your Citroen DS Racing? Supechips have the extra power for under £450. Where do I sign?!

The 230bhp chips are up on Citroen’s DS3 Racing

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 3:38 PM

Citroen DS Racing

The Citroen DS Racing is no slouch as it is, but an extra 26bhp will always come in handy!

Up from 204bhp, an engine-modified Citroen DS3 Racing gains 26bhp and 33lb-ft of torque in a rather juicy-sounding upgrade, thanks to the electric tuning maestros at Superchips. How does 230bhp grab you? Around the throat! 

The Buckingham-based tuning company has boosted the DS3 Racing to build on what is already a pretty impressive set of performance specs. The special edition remap is now on sale across Superchips’ 80-strong dealer network across the UK.

Boffins at Superchips actually undertook a forensic analysis of the DS3 along with dyno and real-world testing for an ECU remap that offers an extra 26 horses at 6,312rpm from the 1.6-litre, direct injection, twin-scroll turbo-charged engine. Throttle response is also particularly awesome with max torque achieved at just 3,130rpm. Top speed is 149mph and 0-62mph can be attained in 6.5 seconds in the standard car; the remap should boost these even further. Yum! Despite these upgrades, fuel economy is still at 42mpg, when driven in a like-for-like manner.

To get a DS3 Racing upgraded, you’ll have to take it along to one of the Superchips UK-wide service centres – it will cost you £455 and you get a 12-month/30,000-mile warranty thrown in.

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By Georgia Lewis

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