Hosetechnik stainless steel brake line: Better braking for any car

Better braking for any car

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 12:21 PM

Hosetechnik stainless steel brake lines

Hosetechnik stainless steel brake lines by Forge Motor Sport – a relatively cheap and very effecting modification for any car; new or older. Personally, I'd go for the pink ones!

If your car is a little more classic than cutting-edge; just like our TotallyMotor Alfa Romeo 146 project car, or perhaps you’ve got some track action brewing, then take look at these Hosetechnik braking improvers from Forge Motorsport.

Our 146 is 11-years-old this year, and while she’s wearing it well, there are some bits and pieces that may have been under her undercarriage for a little too long. The factory-spec rubber brake lines, for example. 

Don’t get me wrong, she’s got a fresh MOT, and for a standard car with a disc at each corner she stops pretty well, but there’s no denying the fact that standard rubber brake hoses; especially 11-year-old standard rubber brake hoses, will be getting very close to their best before date.

The rubber gets tired as it gets older, loosing it’s tough yet flexible rubber character; getting stiffer and weaker as the years of salt and water roll by. I think it could soon to be time to get stainless with my brake fluid delivery. 

Forge Motorsport, the Gloucester-based aftermarket manufacturer, has come up with a full range of race-quality stainless steel brake lines covering over 7,000 fitments, including classic, retro, tuner, prestige and sports machines. So if you’re upgrading tired old rubber lines or just want to attack the apex a little harder in your brand new BMW; this quality stainless kit makes a good-sense, low cost modification. 

By providing an optimum rate of brake fluid transfer from pedal to pad, Hosetechnik brake hoses improve pedal feel and braking efficiency, enhancing the driver’s ‘feel’ and confidence. 

Hosetechnik’s range draws from Forge’s thirty years of engineering experience and offer race-ready specifications. The lines are Teflon-lined (slippery stuff!) braided stainless steel, with custom-machined stainless steel end fittings. Forge’s production process combined with their high levels of quality control and inspection mean that every single hose meets or exceeds all current global safety standards. A reassuring fact to help avoid hedges! 

Each set is custom made, with 12 hard-wearing 95PVC sleeve colours available to protect against dirt and water ingress, and delivery is usually offered within 48 hours of order. 

See www.hosetechnik.com for an easy-to-use configurator that allows users to build their perfect brake hose upgrade online, before selecting the colour and making a purchase. Or call the team on 0845 838 5364.

By Daniel Anslow

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