Get the latest Victory clothing at P&H Motorcycles

Get the latest Victory clothing at P&H Motorcycles

When you invest in a new set of wheels, you want to look the part – which is why investing in all of the latest clothing from that brand is so appealing.

However, as any biker knows, what you wear when out on two wheels is not just about looking good – more importantly it's about keeping safe.

P&H Motorcycles knows this and all of the garments we sell encompass the latest clothing ranges from the likes of Victory, in addition to demonstrating cutting edge protective technology.

If you need to add to your biking wardrobe, visit us today.

Victory motorcycles are the ultimate touring bike

Launched by Polaris Industries relatively recently in 1998, Victory motorcycles have rapidly become a mainstay among the cruising and touring crowd and it is not unusual to spot them far further afield than their native Iowa.

Indeed, many riders from the UK have fallen in love with these monsters, which combine fierce horsepower and sleek, shiny designs with more practical features like unrivalled storage space and unbelievable comfort.

The latest ranges include touring, 8-Ball cruisers, Custom cruisers, Muscle cruisers and the limited edition Ness Signature line, but what they all have in common is that they have been designed for the long-haul rider.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from taking your prized vehicle out for a quick spin on winding country roads, but Victory riders are happiest when they are heading out on the highway for a few days' driving.

Look the part in Victory motorcycle clothing

Whether you have just bought your first Victory or you have recently added another to your collection, you may be keen to have all of the latest parts and accessories that come with it.

The brand's motorcycle clothing is no different and luckily Victory's range provides as much comfort as the bikes you will be wearing them on.

Victory apparel encompasses just about every item you could possibly need to ride your bike, from protective, comfortable and affordable helmets to tour jackets designed to be worn in all weather – and even when you're not on two wheels!

You can also stock up on gloves, leather jackets, hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts and eyewear, all from the Victory line.

Get a great deal on apparel from P&H Motorcycles

Here at P&H Motorcycles, our expert team know a thing or two about the clothing a biker requires – which is why we make sure we only stock the best.

We have all of the latest Victory garments and clothing from other top brands as well, so expect to be spoilt for choice.

You can pick up men's and women's boots, one-piece and two-piece suits, jackets and trousers in either textile or leather, gloves and helmets at our store – which is the largest stockist of motorcycle parts in the south-east.

And by browsing online you can also invest in additional rider protection to wear under your clothes, or casual gear for when you are taking a break between road trips.

But it doesn't stop there. We also sell new and used motorcycles, scooters, spare parts and accessories, along with offering servicing for your vehicle.

So, whatever you need, come to P&H Motorcycles today and you can be sure of finding it!