Folding camper insurance from Shield Total Insurance

Folding camper insurance from Shield Total Insurance

A folding camper is a great option for flexible holidays and one that will not cost you a lot to insure.

An increasing number of people are turning to folding campers, as they are cheaper to buy than a touring caravan but offer more comfort and facilities than a tent – making them perfect for breaks that involve a lot of travelling.

They are lightweight and have a low profile, meaning they can be towed by small cars that would struggle with caravans, so they are a choice open to almost any family with a vehicle.

You will also find they are easy to set up – it can be done in just a few minutes – and because they are relatively small when folded up, they can be stored in your home's garage or garden.

Once you have purchased an adaptable holiday home you will want to buy a good folding camper insurance policy to protect your investment.

Here at Shield Total Insurance we have unrivalled experience in the leisure and camping market, so have a selection of cover options to suit owners of folding campers.

What does a folding camper insurance policy cover?

There is a wide range of folding campers on the market, together with similar products such as trailer tents and folding caravans.

We are happy to provide cover for equipment made by all the major manufacturers, including Camplets, Combi-Camp, Jamlet, Pennine Leisure, Raclet and Trigano.

You will find that folding camper insurance comes in a number of different forms and you should think carefully about which one is best suited to your needs.

The key differences between the types of cover relate to what would happen if you are unfortunate enough to have your folding camper stolen or destroyed.

If your model is less than five years old, you will be able to choose a 'new for old' policy, which will enable you to buy a like-for-like replacement, or its nearest equivalent, in the event of a total loss.

For older equipment, you can select between 'market value' and 'guaranteed value' cover, which will determine the size of the payout you receive.

With all the policies, there is no excess to pay in the event of theft, as long as you have approved security devices installed.

As well as theft and damage, you will find your policy includes cover for contents; so if you do lose any of your belongings to an unforeseen event while you are on holiday, you can at least console yourself with the fact you won't be out of pocket.

It is also worth considering some of the available extras, such as legal expenses cover and key protection.

How can you find the best price for folding camper insurance?

We are a specialist intermediary with more than ten years' experience in the caravan insurance sector and pride ourselves on being able to help customers find not just the best cover, but also the lowest prices.

Our folding camper insurance can cost as little as £51, if you take advantage of the range of discounts that could cut the premium by up to 60 per cent.

We recognise that taking steps like fitting security and safety devices show that you are a responsible owner and will reduce the cost of your insurance to reflect that.

Should you have amassed a no-claims bonus, we will also factor that into our pricing to give you an even lower premium.

For more information about our folding camper insurance policies, or to obtain a quote or arrange a call back, visit the Shield Total Insurance website.