Extra Italian style from MOMO

Extra Italian style from MOMO

Friday, 4 February 2011 3:23 PM

The new MOMO Strike alloy wheel ranges from 15 -19-inches and comes with a fitment for most popular cars

The new MOMO Strike alloy wheel ranges from 15 -19-inches and comes with a fitment for most popular cars

If, unlike me, you’re don’t happen to own a stunning Italian sportscar (ahem!), but still want a little extra Italian flare under your arches, then take a long look at these new wheels from the Italian masters of fresh metalwork, MOMO.

They’ve launched two new styles – on top of one of the most wide-ranging and beautiful back catalogues you’ll find anywhere in aftermarket wheel world – called Strike and Next.

Both wheels come in a huge range of fitments, sizes and offsets, so chances are they’ll have a sweet style for your car; be she Italian, German or French. Take a look at their seriously impressive and techno-packed website to see what fits your car, complete with wheel-on-car-pics in their online catalogue that's been shot in true drool-worthy style. I won't spoil the surprise!  

I had a quick gander and found that the new Next wheel is ready and waiting to slot onto the hubs of my Alfa Romeo 146. I think they’d top the 146 off a treat. What say you? 

The new MOMO Next alloy wheel. Motorsport style would suit my Alfa a treat, and unfortunately for my credit card, MOMO make a set to fit!

The Strike is ultra-modern and understated and would look just too dramatic in a tall 19-inches, while the Next has an aggressive, motorsport look to it – perfect in 15-inches on my Touring Car-esque Alfa… 

Strike comes in 15 – 19-inches, while Next comes in 15 – 18-inches, with fitments for most cars. 

I’ve enjoyed MOMO wheels on previous project cars, so I can personally vouch for quality of finish and sharp style. Prices for these new wheels start at just £91 each, excl VAT.

For more fitment details, styles and galleries, see: www.momo-uk.com
Or call 01268 764411

By Daniel Anslow

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