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Get behind the wheel of the Ferrari 458

The top cars a celebrity would buy

Celebrities – whether they are a footballer, actor, singer or model – are typically able to access the finer things in life. This is definitely the case when it comes to cars, and here's a look at some of the high-end models that the stars have recently been spotted driving.


Naked ambition

Those that are new to motorcycling might well want to consider going naked. Now, we’re not suggesting you take to the streets wearing nothing but a helmet and a smile, but we are suggesting you take a look at an all-round exciting naked motorcycle that’s fast, frugal and fun. Kawasaki’s ER-6n is a perfect example of a tasty naked.

Kia pro cee'd

Cost-cutting tips for new drivers

There’s no doubt that new drivers pay a high premium – and we don’t just mean car insurance – to enjoy the UK’s roads. Some of us desperately need our cars to get to work or look after relatives, and especially as the snow falls, we can all see the value of owning our own cars. Sure, it’s not cheap, but here are some tips to trim the cost.

Keep on top of motorbike maintenance

Make sure your bike stays in shape

Whether you ride your motorbike every day on your commute to and from the office or just enjoying taking leisurely road trips at the weekend, it's important to keep on top of maintaining your vehicle. Failing to ensure your bike stays in top shape will not just compromise its performance, but it could also increase the chances of you having an accident.

Honda has a great range of supersport bikes

Top 3 Honda supersport bikes

Whether you're planning on getting a supersport bike for the first time or have ridden them for several years and fancy buying a new model, Honda is one brand of motorcycle you should consider purchasing. For years, the Japanese company has been at the forefront of the motorcycle sector and has produced a wide range of fantastic supersport models.

The BMW 5 Series Touring is great to drive

Why the BMW 5 Series is ideal for work and home life

For most families, it's impractical to have separate cars for work and family life, so what you need is a vehicle that can cater to both. One motor that does this well is the BMW 5 Series Diesel Touring Model, as it's practical and boasts innovative features.

Will you get this year's new Bentley?

What does 2013 hold for sports car lovers?

Although 2013 is still in its infancy, it certainly looks set to be a great year for sports car enthusiasts. With many of the world's leading prestigious automobile brands set to release several exciting models over the next 12 months, there will be plenty of options for you to choose from if you are looking to treat yourself to a new set of wheels.

Winter driving: safety tips

Tips for driving safely in the winter

Even for experienced motorists, driving in the winter can be a difficult and sometimes stressful task. Different conditions pose different hazards, so it is important to be well prepared before setting off; read our guide for useful tips on winter driving.

Thoroughly check any used car before you buy

Top things to look out for in used cars

Buying a used car can be an excellent way to get a set of wheels for less money than a new vehicle costs, but there are some things you need to be aware of when you start shopping in the second-hand market. Here are some tips to help you with your search.

Drivers love the MINI's sleek look

What makes MINI such an iconic brand?

Everyone knows a MINI when they see one – but just how has the compact car become one of the icons of the British motoring industry, selling by the truckload all over the world? We explore the history of this much-loved brand and why the car is so covetable.

Inspect your car tyres for damage this winter

Advice for motorists keen to stay safe this winter

With the winter months meaning it stays darker for longer and there is a substantial risk of the roads being covered with ice and snow, it's imperative that motorists are extra-careful and ensure they stay safe. While this is something that obviously applies to all car owners, it is perhaps even more pressing for those who have luxury vehicles.

Citroen is a leading car manufacturer

An insight into leading Citroen models

Citroen has been at the forefront of the global automotive industry for almost a century and in that time it has produced thousands of cars that have met the needs of drivers spanning a range of interests and budgets. While you can be confident of finding a Citroen car right for you, no matter what your current requirements may be, it's important to spend a little time researching what options are available to you.

How can you achieve a successful car sale?

Selling your car: where to do it

There are several ways to sell your car, and the one you choose will depend on how much effort you want to put into the sale yourself, as well as the extent of your desire to get the best price possible. Read on if you need some help deciding on a particular channel for selling your motor.

Tips to make your fleet more eco-friendly

Top tips for greening your fleet

There are many reasons why businesses need to pay attention to how green their fleet of vehicles is. If you want to improve the eco-friendly credentials of your company cars, but aren't sure where to begin, read our tips on how to green a fleet.

Driver training can save companies money

The value of teaching good driving techniques

Whether you provide your employees with a company car thorough a contract hire deal or your workers use their own vehicles to travel for their jobs, it's worth looking into ways you can make them better drivers and reduce their fuel usage at the same time.

Lamborghinis are popular among footballers

What cars are most popular among footballers?

Professional footballers not only get to play the sport they love as their full-time jobs, but also tend to be paid very handsomely for doing so. It's not uncommon for the average player in the top flight to earn £20,000 a week (although some make five times this amount and even more), so it should be no surprise these athletes often use their sizeable salaries to buy high-end cars.

Owning a luxury car needn't be too expensive

How to reduce the cost of buying and own a luxury car

Owning a luxury car – whether it's a Bugatti Veyron, a Porsche 911 or something else – is something virtually every motorist dreams of. If you're looking to turn these dreams into reality, however, it's important that you pay a fair price for a high-end vehicle.

Take care when riding in winter

Advice for motorcycling in the winter

Although many motorcyclists will choose to store their bikes in their garages during the winter, it is still possible to enjoy fantastic riding in the UK throughout the colder months. If you are planning on riding your bike at this time of year, however, you'll need to give additional thought into making sure you stay safe while on the road.

A 4x4 is a great car to drive in the winter

4x4s: a great choice of car for the winter

With the forthcoming winter meaning conditions set to become challenging for drivers, it's important to make sure the car you drive can tackle whatever the weather throws at you. If you're worried your present model won't cope in the snow and will struggle if it goes off-road, now is a good time to look at getting a new vehicle. You might find 4x4s prove to be a particularly good choice.

MINIs are great for city driving

What makes MINIs great in urban environments?

If you are looking for a new car for business use and you primarily drive your vehicle in a city, there are few better options than a MINI. These quirky, compact cars may have been on the market for a long time, but they're still up there with the best.

BMW 3 Series: a good car for businesspeople

BMW 3 Series: a top choice for execs

When you're coming to the end of your current leasing deal for your company car, you'll need to start looking around to find your next model well before you have to make the switch. One option that is worthy of consideration is the BMW 3 Series.

Plan your motorbike break carefully

Things to bear in mind when planning a motorcycle holiday

Taking your bike on an overseas motorcycle holiday is a great way to experience different countries and cultures. However, just like with any other break that you take, it's important you plan a biking trip properly so you do not only have an amazing adventure, but you also stay safe.

Do you know what to look for in a 4x4?

What to look for when choosing a luxury 4×4

Choosing a new car can be tricky whatever type you're looking for, but there's even more to consider when it comes to buying a luxury 4×4. Read our guide to get the lowdown on what to think about when selecting one of these vehicles.

Proper motorcycle boots are essential

What to look for when buying motorcycle boots

A lot of people are attracted to motorcycling because the traditional image of the leather-clad biker is pretty cool. However, most riders choose their gear with safety rather than style in mind, particularly when it comes to motorbike boots.

The VW Passat is a fantastic car to drive

An in-depth look at the VW Passat

If you are searching for a car that combines looks with performance, you ought to consider the models Volkswagen has on offer. While the German manufacturer has produced a wide range of automobile over the years and provides something suitable for drivers across all needs and budgets, the Passat is a particularly good choice.

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