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Audi A1

Cars with character – what cars have the best personality on the road

Business car users have a wide and wonderful choice when it comes to their new cars; from the frugal to the fast, and everything in between. Leasing a car means you get to change it probably much more regularly than you would as a private owner; taking that new choice sometimes even more regularly than once a year. Here are four exciting new car choices for business drivers.

Car maintenance essentials

Saving money while maintaining your motor

As well as being a favourite possession, cars are also a large expense. Fuel, insurance, servicing – it all adds up, especially when things go wrong. In this guide, we'll be looking at ways for you to keep your motor running smoothly for less.


How important is a service history when selling a second hand car?

One of the very first things that potential auction buyers of used and nearly new cars do is to check that prospective vehicle’s service history. So it is crucial that if you are considering selling your car through an auction – which can help it attract an even better price – that you offer as much of its history as possible.

Yamaha MotoGP bike

Three great Yamaha motorbikes

Yamaha are one of the most well known and highly regarded motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The Japanese brand has been building road and racing machines for many years now and can count road going performance icons and hundreds of race wins amongst their great many achievements. Here are three of their current great bikes.

Buy a car that's right for you

Buying a new car should be fun, not stressful

Are there any purchases in life that are more exciting than buying a new car? Picturing yourself behind the wheel of different vehicles is something we all do when searching for our next motor – and it can be great fun checking out the latest models.

BMW S Series Gran Turismo

Inside the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is a new addition to the 3 Series range of cars that’s been in dealers for a few months now, and it’s like no other 3 Series we’ve seen before. Proof that, even after all these years, there is more and more to come from the evergreen 3 Series; all it needs is a flick of the designer’s pen here and there and a whole new stylish model is born. The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is the bigger 3 Series, with touring on the mind.

BMW 5 Series

A guide to BMW's diesel fleet

BMW, the famous German car manufacturer, offer a wide and comprehensive range of diesel models to choose from, as well as some of the very latest and most efficient turbo-diesel engine technology of any mainstream manufacturer out there. It’s no mean feat, but through years of design and engineering experience, BMW has managed to make their diesel-powered cars both high performance and fun to drive, and more miserly than most when it comes to pricy diesel fuel. That’s a win, win combination alright.

Great car, great bends

Driving in Scotland – where to go and what to see on the road

Scotland is a great place to go driving, with plenty of room to stretch your motoring legs, some simply stunning roads and some blissful scenery in which to unwind once you’ve had your driving fun. Few places can claim such empty and enticing roads and if you’ve got the urge to really go for a drive, there are few places that can beat Scotland. Here are two inspirational routes.

Audi A6

Five reasons to buy an Audi A6

The Audi A6 executive saloon can quite easily be overlooked by many people as a potential used car purchase, as considering its high price when new, many average buyers would expect it to be likely too expensive to be within their price range. But, you might just be surprised as to how much Audi you can get for your money.

Nissan Qashqai

Redefining the family car

The Nissan Qashqai singlehandedly redefined how we perceive the family car when it was launched and has gone on to sell very well indeed. Look around the streets near you and you will see many a family enjoying many a Nissan Qashqai. There are plenty of reasons for this wide ranging sales success and here are just a few of them.

Vauxhall Astra VXR

My top 3 test drives

It’s a tough life here at TotallyMotor with this poor old editor expected to travel around and test drive cars all the time. Motorways are my friend – or enemy, depending on the traffic – and motorway service station sandwiches are my stodgy sustenance. Still, hopefully at the end of all these mindless motorways and mundane munching is something hot, sexy and metal.

BMW 5 Series

Top cars for an energy efficient fleet

Fleet managers are spoilt for choice right now, with a great range of the latest energy efficient cars constantly refreshing, on the market. Not only great efficiency from diesel cars – which we’ve come to expect – but a new wave of super-efficient petrol-powered cars that are nearly catching up with their frugal diesel cousins. Here are some highlights.

Mini Street X-treme 125

Preview of the new Honda MSX125

Motorcycling is enjoying growing popularity at the moment, driven by the rocketing price of petrol and cost of car insurance. The man and woman in the street are looking for practical and reliable frugality to get them to work, plus a bit of fun at the weekend. This cheeky new Honda MSX125 could fit that bill.

Honda CBF125

Bikes to meet your budget: the Honda CBF125, for £1500

Here we focus on the best-selling Honda CBF125; a bike that anyone can ride in and out of town easily on a daily commute and with far less fuel costs than in a car. And, of course, the small and nippy little CBF can be parked almost anywhere in our busy city streets, and is very simple and cheap to maintain.

Peugeot 208

The Peugeot 208 GTI – car guide

The new 208 GTI is the first proper hot hatch that we’ve seen from the brand for sometime. It’s true that in the depths of the economic crisis, most mainstream automotive manufacturers did ere on the side of caution with their new car designs, but, to be frank, the Peugeots of late have been downright boring. Well, the 200bhp 208 GTI that arrives on driveways this May looks to set this yawn-worthy record straight.

Kawasaki ZZR1400

Top 3 Kawasaki bikes for racers

Kawasaki motorcycles has a long and rich racing history, both on and off-road, and have taken probably more than their fair share of race victories over the years considering their relatively small company size, especially when compared to the mighty Honda. Here’s our pick of three current Kawasaki sports stars.

Ford Focus

All you need to know about the Ford Focus

First things first; we must give the Ford Focus its due credit. Last year, it became the world’s top-selling car of the year, outstripping the long time number one: the Toyota Corolla. With nearly 750,000 sales around the world – 83,000 of which took place in the UK – in 2012, the Ford Focus must be doing something right.


A guide to eco-friendly new cars

The newer the car, the more likely it is that it will have been designed to be more eco-friendly than the older cars out there, and many new car buyers want something greener. A personal contract purchase allows you to change your new car much more regularly, so you can keep up with the latest green developments, and save money on fuel.


A guide to the most luxurious BMWs

The BMW automotive brand has long been associated with the luxurious end of the market, and since the launch of their smallest model – 1 Series – you don’t even need to drive the biggest of the BMWs to enjoy that legendary luxury. Big or small, if you pay the premium, any BMW model can be deluxe. Here are some of the finest.

MINI Clubman

MINI Clubman: an overview

BMW’s purchase and relaunch of the MINI brand is probably the greatest success of the modern automotive era. The clever marketers at BMW took a neat, fresh and funky product and aimed it perfectly at a market they knew was there, and the best-selling new MINI was born. Here’s our guide to the quirkiest of them all, the Clubman.

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