Clubvan! Here's the latest potential new Mini model, called the Clubvan. And it's van-tastic!

Mini's Clubman-and-van concept for Geneva

Monday, 20 February 2012 11:28 AM

Mini Clubvan

The new Mini Clubvan is a van for those that want it a little different. It's a classy look in British Racing Green, alright

Mini likes to mix its styles, engines and body types to maximise the model line-up and the latest concept car is no exception. Set to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Clubvan Concept blends the space of a small van with the fun style and premium features of the Clubman, complete with the legendary barn doors on the back.

Eyeing the small business market as well as those who just want something practical while still enjoying the Mini fun factor, this one harks back to 1960 when the Morris Mini Van hit the market. It had a 10cm longer wheelbase than the passenger cars, separate load compartment and barn doors on the back.

The Clubvan also looks back to the four-seater Morris Mini Traveller for inspiration. This newest concept car features two seats and five doors for maximum versatility in a vehicle that is still easy to park and drive. There are two front doors for the driver and front passenger, two side-hinged rear doors and the rear-hinged Clubdoor on the right-hand side. It can be loaded from the side of the car as well as the rear.

Another nod to history comes with the Clubvan featuring none other than the classic British Racing Green on the roof, C-pillars and exterior mirror caps.

Practical features include six attachment loops to hold cargo in place, along with a solid aluminium partition grille and stainless steel honeycomb grating to stop stuff rattling around. The interior space car can be customised, such as made-to-measure drawers and shelving units for tools and goods, There are also 12-volt plug sockets in the load compartment. The rear doors feature tinted glass so it's harder for thieving toerags to see into the load compartment.

Keeping things a cut above other little vans, the side walls, floor and roof lining of the load area are trimmed in anthracite-coloured cloth and Mini is promising plenty of options for customising the Clubvan – looks like this one may become a production reality soon. We're sure more will be revealed at Geneva, especially powertrain options. Could this be Mini's next foray into electric vehicles?

By Georgia Lewis

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