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Inspect your car tyres for damage this winter

Advice for motorists keen to stay safe this winter

With the winter months meaning it stays darker for longer and there is a substantial risk of the roads being covered with ice and snow, it's imperative that motorists are extra-careful and ensure they stay safe. While this is something that obviously applies to all car owners, it is perhaps even more pressing for those who have luxury vehicles.

Lamborghinis are popular among footballers

What cars are most popular among footballers?

Professional footballers not only get to play the sport they love as their full-time jobs, but also tend to be paid very handsomely for doing so. It's not uncommon for the average player in the top flight to earn £20,000 a week (although some make five times this amount and even more), so it should be no surprise these athletes often use their sizeable salaries to buy high-end cars.

Owning a luxury car needn't be too expensive

How to reduce the cost of buying and own a luxury car

Owning a luxury car – whether it's a Bugatti Veyron, a Porsche 911 or something else – is something virtually every motorist dreams of. If you're looking to turn these dreams into reality, however, it's important that you pay a fair price for a high-end vehicle.

Do you know what to look for in a 4x4?

What to look for when choosing a luxury 4×4

Choosing a new car can be tricky whatever type you're looking for, but there's even more to consider when it comes to buying a luxury 4×4. Read our guide to get the lowdown on what to think about when selecting one of these vehicles.

Ensure all your household's cars are covered

Benefits of family fleet car insurance

If everyone in your household has their own car – or cars – it is worth giving careful consideration to how these vehicles are covered. Although you may already have individual policies in place for each of the cars, it is often better to get a more inclusive policy.

Make sure you insure your luxury car

What your insurance policy should include for your luxury car

Whether it's a vintage Aston Martin or a top-of-the-range Lamborghini, if you own a luxury car it's important to get a comprehensive level of insurance for it. Of course, all drivers are legally obliged to have cover, but the fact you have a prestige motor means you'll need to seek specialist protection for it.

Is a Bentley your dream prestige car?

Where are the best places to find your dream prestige car?

Owning a prestige car is something that many motoring enthusiasts can only dream of, but if you're lucky enough to have a high net worth it's something that you can actually turn into a reality. Unsurprisingly, it takes a bit more effort to get a good deal on a Rolls-Royce or Bentley than it does for more mainstream vehicles like Peugeots, in terms of both time and money.

Choose the best insurance for your sports car

Top 5 things to consider when insuring your sports car

So, you've got a sports car, it's your pride and joy and now you want to insure it – but where do you start? Firstly, don't make the mistake of thinking a standard policy is the best way to go, there are a host of benefits to choosing specialist cover.

Look after your car with suitable insurance

Insurance options for prestige motors

You've found your dream car, it's exactly what you've always hoped it would be and now you need to take care of it. Aside from regular maintenance work, one of the most important things to consider is insurance, so what are the options for luxury car owners?

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