Brighten up your BMW's face with B-G aftermarket front grilles in stainless steel or carbonfibre

Brighten up your BMW

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 1:07 PM

B-G stainless steel grille for BMW E46 3-Series

B-G's polished stainless steel front grille for the BMW E46 3-Series. Time for a cheeky 'nose job' for your BMW?

Thirty-five years of the BMW 3-Series. Would you believe it? Now in its fifth generation and undoubtedly a great car in almost every evolution; there are thousands of 3-Series Beemers cruising our city streets. And that could be a problem for some individualists among us. Sometimes it can be hard to spot your 3-Series in a car park full of them!

So here’s a good way to raise your BMW's styling a notch above the rest with the new easy-fit, B-G (Brown & Geeson Ltd) front grille inserts for the famous BMW kidney bonnet grille. Finished either in hand-polished stainless steel or ultra-modern carbonfibre; you can now spice up your E36 3-Series (1991-2000), or its successor, the E46 (1998-2005), sharpish.

All B-G front grille inserts fit securely over the original (plastic!) grille, making for the simplest application, and offering no excuses not to.

Above you’ll see a quick pic of the E46 3-Series wearing a new stainless steel front grille, and we’re just waiting (with bated breath!) for a pic of the carbonfibre version from B-G. I have a feeling it will look rather sweet.
Watch this space for more news…

Prices range from £35 (stainless steel) to £160 for carbonfibre, direct on-line from B-G at

By Daniel Anslow

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