Back to black. The all-new, 2012 Kia cee’d sets a stylish, stern face ahead of its public debut at Geneva

Serious new Kia cee’d

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 12:55 PM

2012 Kia cee'd

The all-new, 2012 Kia cee'd goes on show at Geneva next month, and so far it's so good-looking

I think it’s fair to say that in many respects the current Kia cee’d has proven its metal; thrashed at the hands of many a ham-fisted celebrity, around the Top Gear test track. And goodness only knows the practise-lap-poundings it’s endured with the scything Stig at the helm.

So, if the all-new cee’d can build on that rugged reliability with some slicker style, modern tech and a little more lap-attacking power, I think Kia could have a bit of a Ford Focus-worrier.

The new cee’d 5-door hatchback – seen here in pleasantly sinister black bodywork – is longer, wider and lower than its predecessor, but with the same wheelbase. Wider and lower is always a good start.

The sculpted and detailed front-end is particularly pretty in these pre-Geneva Motor Show pics, and we’ll look forward to seeing the new cee’d in the metal at the show next month, as there’s always the odd bit of computer-assisted tweaking in these promotional images. And that’s Kia’s “trademark tiger-nose” front grille, don’t you know; flanked by oh-so-fashionable LED driving lights.

There have been upgrades inside too, with Kia working for a more premium look and feel with improved switchgear, touch-screen technology and enhanced driving position ergonomics. There’s said to be plenty of interior soft-touching going on, and we’ll endeavour to confirm that important tactile point, once we’ve had a good poke around inside and out, at Geneva.

By Daniel Anslow

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