Articles tagged with: ford-focus

Articles tagged with: ford-focus

Ford Focus St estate

Hot cops!

Ford modifies their new 250bhp Focus ST estate into a police demonstrator. Criminals now wishing for new, hotter Focus RS model!

Ford Focus

A safety first for Ford’s Focus

The new Focus is the first ever car to receive four Euro NCAP Advanced safety rewards after its Driver Alert and Forward Alert technologies were recognised

2012 Ford Focus ST

The Sweeney starring… Ford Focus ST!

Hard-drinking, heavy-smoking, womanising cops with bad kipper ties. That's the old Sweeney. This is the new Sweeney with Ford Focus STs flying the Flying Squad

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

Ford’s 85.6mpg Fiesta

Ford are keen to grab the eco-headlines at next week's Frankfurt Motor Show with two ECOnetic models hitting well over 80mpg

Ford Focus estate

Sharp Focus

In the market for a new estate car? Well take a long look at Ford's new Focus estate with our TotallyMotor test drive review

Citroen DS3

Win Diesel!

Diesel cars have made a comeback as a cleaner and fuel-efficient alternative to petrol and now a load of manufacturers have won awards for setting high standards

Ford Focus RS500

Sharp Focus – the battle of the Focus RS cars!

The MK1, MK2 and MK2 RS500 Ford Focus RS cars are some of the most popular enthusiast performance cars ever to grace the British back roads, but which is best? TotallyMotor climbs in, turns on, and boosts out!

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