Articles tagged with: 4×4

Articles tagged with: 4×4

The Toyota RAV4 4x4 - they used to be cheap, before this new Ice Age

Beat the snow!

The beat the snow tricks and tips. Some useful, others less so. Driving styles to suit the slippery conditions

The sun goes down and the lights go up - the sand-racing madness is soon to start

Midnight at the oasis

Modified Jeep desert racer gets ready to attack the huge sand dune and race to the top, at the Liwa Festival in the desert of the UAE

A Nissan Patrol desert-drag racer featuring the biggest turbocharger money can buy, producing around 1500bhp

Desert Storm part 3 – now with VIDEOS!

A look at the huge turbochargers needed to make 1500bhp, powering some of the fastest Nissan Patrol 4x4s in the world, used to go drag racing up mountainous sand dunes in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates.

1500bhp Nissan Patrol desert racer

Desert Storm part 2

Modified Nissan Patrol with twin turbos producing 1500bhp. Found in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates and used for racing up mountainous sand dunes at very high speeds. Engine detonations are common.

3000bhp Nissan Patrol desert racer

Desert Storm

3000bhp Nissan Patrol desert racer from the United Arab Emirates. Pure madness!

Tata has made a name for itself with the Nano and now owns Jaguar, Land Rover and Daewoo

Tata makes investment pledge

The most important people at Tata Motors have been making the right noises about major investments in Jaguar and Land Rover.

The cost of fuel is making a big difference to car-buying trends, say Motorpoint

Car choices driven by fuel prices

The sharply rising cost of petrol and diesel is having a steady impact on the choice of cars people are buying, according to car supermarket chain, Motorpoint.

Land Rover managed to snap up two Queen's Awards this year

Land Rover wins two Queen's Awards

Land Rover has credited strong international sales and technical expertise as the main reasons for winning two Queen's Awards for Enterprise this year.

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