A guide to the different styles of Honda motorcycles in 2011

A guide to the different styles of Honda motorcycles in 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 4:57 PM

The CBR600F: One of the new 2011 Honda bikes

The CBR600F: One of the new 2011 Honda bikes

Honda is renowned for its excellent range of quality motorbikes and its 2011 line-up is no exception, with several new models showing off this year's direction in style.

Whether you are looking for speed, comfort or cost-effectiveness, the company's 2011 releases should cater for your tastes and all are manufactured using the best in Honda parts.

For example, if you are hoping to achieve total control while enjoying a user-friendly ride, the new CBR600F offers all this and more.

With near-Supersport performance levels and neutral handling, this motorbike also has maximum rider and passenger comfort for those who want the best of both worlds.

This new middleweight sportsbike takes a compact liquid-cooled fuel-injected inline-4 599cc alloy engine and combines it with a mono-backbone aluminium frame to create a vehicle that is accessible and exciting.

Boasting an inverted fork and aluminium swingarm, the CBR600F has supreme handling capabilities and excellent agility, making it the ideal choice for those who want a responsive ride that is the culmination of an integrated engineering approach.

Another bike from the 2011 range that is likely to be popular at Honda motorcycle sales is the new CBR250, a stylish option that confidently blends low running costs, fuel efficiency and intuitive handling.

A 250cc sportsbike, the model manages to be a thrilling ride without being a large-capacity machine.

With an innovative 249.4-cubic centimetre single-cylinder engine that features an efficient four-valve DOHC cylinder head and PGM-FI fuel injection, the bike is both light and compact, making it an excellent fuel saver, while still providing usable torque curve.

If you are looking for a motorcycle to get you started, there is no doubt the CBR125R is an excellent first sportsbike.

The 125cc vehicle is perfect for young riders looking to develop their skills on the road, with a lightweight design and firm handling ensuring you can get to grips with manoeuvring before you move up to a bigger model.

Offering the aesthetics and feel of a larger machine, the CBR125R has a free-revving single-cylinder engine with advanced fuel injection and catalyser technology added.

The wheel and tyre specifications have also been improved to cater for modern riders who want a full-size riding experience.

Looking for an all-terrain vehicle? The Honda Crossrunner is an adventure bike that can handle any riding conditions you decide to throw at it.

The motorcycle's 800c V4 engine is a thrilling experience, while the vehicle itself has unparalleled stability that has been tested extensively in more than 100 wind tunnel sessions.

Whether you want to take it for a ride around town, or explore the rugged landscapes of the countryside, the Crossrunner will offer a smooth and flexible performance.

However, if you are confined to the urban environment, the SH300i scooter is an excellent option, particularly for commuters.

This small-capacity design has a 279.1-cubic centimetre engine, with a four-valve cylinder head and PGM-FI fuel injection, giving owners an amazingly agile model that deals with inner-city traffic with ease.

With top-quality suspension through a 35 mm front telescopic fork and rear duel-damper unit swingarm, the SH300i combines a performance and versatility that is unrivalled.

Add excellent fuel efficiency and a new solid chassis comprising an underbone-type steel frame and you have a bike that is both flexible and strong enough to cope with long journeys and even motorways with ease.