A guide to buying a motorcycle for first timers

A guide to buying a motorcycle for first timers

Thursday, 28 July 2011 3:18 PM

Tips for buying your first motor bike

Tips for buying your first motor bike

Buying your first motorbike – whether you opt for new or used motorcycles – is an incredibly exciting experience and your initial step towards a life on two wheels.

However, it can also be a nerve-wracking time as you want to be sure you are choosing the right vehicle for you, so for a guide to making this important purchase, read on.

To begin with, you should calculate the money you have available to invest in your new motor. Some dealers offer the option of getting a vehicle on finance, but you may prefer for the cash you spend on your first motorcycle to come out of your own pocket.

In search of a bargain, you might go looking online at an internet auction site or in the classified advertisements in your local newspaper.

However, it could be more prudent to go to a dealership, as this way you have the assurance of knowing that the motorcycles you are looking at have passed certain standards and are deemed roadworthy. This peace of mind could well be worth any added cost.

Once you have considered the financial aspects, it is time to think about why exactly you are purchasing a motorcycle. If you want it for zipping to and from work in the city then it is likely you will be after something that is small and economical as you will be using it every day.

However, if you want a set of wheels for weekend rides in the country or touring holidays then you will probably have your eye on something more powerful.

Remember to keep your own abilities and confidence in mind when you are looking for a model – as a learner you may wish to avoid some of the most powerful motorcycles until you have gained more experience.

Other considerations include whether you will be carrying someone as a pillion, what storage space you have for it at home and how much you can afford to pay for your insurance.

The next important step is visiting a dealership and actually trying out the bike you are interested in. Before you take it for a test ride, see how snug it feels to sit on and whether it suits your stance. If you want to take regular long trips then it is vital that you feel comfortable on the journey so that you can stay focussed on the road.

Next, you can take it for a spin. Make sure you take into consideration how in control you feel of the motorcycle, as well as how well it performs.

You should take the time to talk to the motorcycle sales representative about the bike that interests you, whether spare or replacement parts are widely available and what the pros and cons are of the specific model.

They may also be able to give you some background information about the vehicle if it is second-hand, as well as advising you on future motorbike servicing.

Finally, once you have taken all of these practical considerations into account, make sure you select a bike that fills you with excitement.

After all, when you decided to start learning it is likely that you had an image in your mind of you heading out on the open road ready to explore on two wheels. While it pays to be sensible, you don't need to lose sight of the style of bike that you were originally passionate about.

Before you know it you will be well on the road to the adventure that is being a biker.